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Medical/Surgical ways to improve quality of life for seniorsSeptember 16, 2019

People have become careful about their lifestyle. They eat a balanced diet and keep themselves fit to stay healthy as long as possible. This has increasedoverall life expectancy. Unfortunately, however Read more

Seniors – Tips to spend time usefully when visiting children abroadSeptember 2, 2019

Parents enjoy spending more time with their children and grandchildren as they grow older. When they were younger, they had work and other responsibilities that kept them busy. For many Indians with Read more

8 tips for Dementia caregiversAugust 21, 2019

Dementia is a mental disorder which is caused by aging and can lead to memory loss, personality change and logical impairment. Looking after a senior with dementia can be stressful.

Read more

Get a professional caregiver for your loved oneAugust 13, 2019

Anyone who has taken care of a loved one for however small a time knows that it isn’t easy. Caregiving takes time and patience. And when the caregiving is for an indefinite time period, it can take Read more

Post Retirement Financial PlanningAugust 5, 2019

Retirement isn’t the end of life — it is the beginning. Now that you have finished with your responsibilities, you have all the time in the world to do things that you have always wanted to do, Read more

Second Career: How Seniors can help Start UpsJuly 18, 2019

In days past, the older generation was revered and their advice solicited. Nowadays, youngsters view senior citizens as out of date with technology and current trends. They couldn’t be more mistaken. Read more

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Home Health CareAssisted Living CareAmbulance Service