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Elder care services for maximum comfort, health and peace of mind.

Day Care for your loved ones.

With the support of our Day Care, your parent/senior can recuperate well from their ailments. Our immensely experienced nurses are fully equipped to assist seniors with a variety of post-hospitalization care. The medical team does regular health monitoring and timely medication management, along with keeping a careful eye on the diet and nutrition aspect of the Elders. We even assist patients suffering from serious ailments like heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, Dementia etc., to live a comfortable, active and social life. Regular interactive activities are conducted for seniors with disabilities to keep their spirits high and positive. Our services also include physiotherapy, speech therapy, doctor visits, in-house pathology services, mobility assistance etc.

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Give back what your parents gave you

We know that the idea of placing your loved one into a day-care might fill your heart with the frustration of not being able to take care of them personally. The encouraging, multifaceted environment at our facility makes it possible for the Elders to live their lives fully while providing an assurance to working family members of their security, health and personal care. Our elderly day care is not just for people having severe health issues (requiring full-time assistance) but also for elders who get bored sitting at home all day. They crave for companionship with peers and wish to engage in recreational activities. We make all that possible! With our highly customized day-care services, you’ll never have to worry about your loved one’s timely medication/food intake or about their safety.

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Easy and flexible enrolment plans.

Our enrolment process is very simple and quite flexible to the needs of our elders and their families. For knowing more about our program, you can either visit our adult day care center for information or call us on 9025 88 77 77 for a quick assistance. By taking a physical tour of the center, you can get acquainted with our security systems, food plans, various recreational activities, nursing staff, emergency response services and accommodation infrastructure.

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What is Assisted Living Services?

Assisted Living Services is for elders who wish to live fuller lives, around their peers while receiving superlative medical assistance and health monitoring throughout the day (and/or night). Infact, most elders require minimal medical supervision and have enrolled with us just for the active lifestyle we enable in our facility. Here, they would get to be around their peers and participate in various group activities, that would keep them engaged and cheerful.

Many times, family members who are working or are living abroad are unable to take care of their ailing elder as much as they would like. Our assisted living Services facility in Chennai is a safe, flexible and practical option for families dealing with an ailing parent, especially the terminally-ill ones.

We offer full-time, week-day, week-end medical assistance services in a secure environment that would make your loved one feel ‘at home’. Click here to learn more about our assisted living Services services or leave your details in the contact form for a quick revert.

What is the purpose of an Elderly Day Care?

Our Adult Day Care center serves in two ways. Firstly, it provides medical and nursing services for ailing elders. Secondly, it offers companionship within peers and an opportunity for an active social life. Lastly, it allows families and caregivers to pursue their work without worrying about the safety and health of their loved ones. Elder Care Services provides expert medical care, lifestyle assistance and recreational options to help senior citizens live a full, active life.

What are the advantages of Adult Day Care?

Vistara Healthcare is a specialist in the Senior Healthcare area with over 20 years of experience. So, by choosing our Elder Care services you get the advantages of:

  • Flexible stays – Weekday, Weekend, Monthly.
  • Professional and experienced staff.
  • Healthy, customized meal plans.
  • Efficient medicine management.
  • Safe facility with an advanced security system.
  • Ready access to on-call doctors.
  • Therapists’ scheduling.
  • Ready access to medical equipment and medicines.
  • Access to Lab tests facility.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Recreational activities.
  • Fitness programs like Yoga etc.
  • Personal care services – Bathing, grooming etc.
  • Weekly progress report shared with families.
  • Hassle-free enrolment process.
  • Online payment options.

Besides these, our Elder Care services are highly comprehensive and customizable for individual member needs!

Are there any set timings for day-care?

Our elderly day care facility in Chennai is open all days as our care programs come in weekend, weekly and monthly options. However, for scheduling the facility tour, please visit us between 9 am to 7 pm.

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