What is Assisted LivingDecember 13, 2019

Assisted living is a residential option for older adults who require assistance with daily activities such as cooking meals, going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, keeping house, and traveling Read more

How to make your home senior friendlyDecember 2, 2019

One of the biggest fears that people have as they get older is that they would lose their independence. Wanting to be independent and wanting to stay in your own home and live on your own terms for Read more

Malnutrition in seniors is cause for concernNovember 22, 2019

Good nutrition is important at any age, but it becomes a more serious cause for concern as a person ages. Problems causes by malnutrition in seniors Compromises the immune system causing the elder to Read more

Handling chronic pain as you ageNovember 8, 2019

As age catches up, so do aches and pains. Seniors are often managing and living with chronic pain. It can be a temporary phase following an injury or surgery, or it can last for months and even for Read more

Enjoy the small pleasures of retirementOctober 25, 2019

It’s finally here, retirement, the best time of your life. You are finally finished with the hectic pace of juggling work, children and home, and now have the time to do all the things that you have Read more

Tips to avoid social isolation in the elderlyOctober 8, 2019

As people age, they go through a number of changes physically and mentally. Having to adapt to changing circumstances, altered social dynamics and decrease in self-esteem can affect the mental health Read more