What is Transitional care? And why is it important?July 5, 2019

Often, after a surgery or a serious illness, the recovering patient may be ready to be discharged from a hospital, but may need medical monitoring before going home. Transition care acts as a stepping Read more

Retirement- The perfect time to enjoy life!June 20, 2019

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Insomnia and the seniorJune 13, 2019

Sleep time varies from one person to another, but on an average an adult requires about 8 hours of sleep per night. This is true of the elderly too. But, this is not a hard and fast rule as some people Read more

Is it time your senior gave up the wheel?May 16, 2019

There comes a time in a senior’s life when they have to give up driving. Most elders resist giving up the wheel for as long as possible. This may not be in their best interest or in the interest of Read more

Encourage your senior to stay youngMay 3, 2019

We read a lot about how important it is to eat right, to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle as one ages. But, why is it that people always talk about exercising the body and not the mind? It Read more

Avoid caregiver stress – get palliative careApril 17, 2019

What is palliative care? People who are suffering from a terminal illness need empathy more than sympathy. It is important to ensure that they have the best care that can be provided to make sure that Read more