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One of the biggest fears that people have as they get older is that they would lose their independence. Wanting to be independent and wanting to stay in your own home and live on your own terms for as long as possible is perfectly understandable. Here are some tips to help you age in place successfully and stay independent.

Move into a smaller place

When you built your home, you were young, and your children were small. You would have been fit enough to run the place and handle all the work that goes into maintaining it. But looking after a big place in your senior years could become difficult. It would be a good idea to move into an apartment as it is easier to maintain. But you need to consider these factors when looking for a new home.

Make sure that it is close to family or good friends, and ensure that it has a good security system. It would help if it was senior friendly. Scout around and check if there are helpful amenities close by like a grocery store, provision store, hospital etc.

Make your current home senior friendly

A safe environment is important as you age and home alterations are a necessity. Some ways that you can make a home senior friendly include:-

  1. Install grab bars in the shower, near the toilet etc.
  2. Put in a seat in the shower cabin
  3. Use non slip mats in the bathroom
  4. Convert space on the ground floor into a master bedroom
  5. Widen doorways to accommodate walkers or wheelchairs
  6. Install rails along long corridors
  7. Build ramps for easy access
  8. Install motion sensor lighting
  9. Make sure that there is a bathroom on the ground floor
  10. Install an elevator if possible
  11. Get a caregiver

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Having someone who can help you everyday can make your life much easier. The caregiver’s role could be as much or as little as you need depending on how much help you need. They could come in everyday to help you with daily grooming and ensure that you get your food on time. If you need more help than that, they can assist you in many small ways making your life easier.

They are great companions and can help you pass your time without feeling bored. Caregivers who have nursing experience will be able to manage your medicines and nutrition. They will be able to monitor your health if you fall sick or have a medical condition. They will also know how to update the doctor on your status and will ensure that your family is kept abreast on your progress. It is always better to approach for assisted living service

One of the biggest boons of aging in place is longevity. Seniors who live in familiar surroundings have more confidence, are less prone to mishaps, and have a better quality of life.

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Home Health CareAssisted Living CareAmbulance Service