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Complete Nursing Care Services At Home From Qualified & Quality Professionals

We’ll steer you to recovery!

Our nurses’ attentive care can make recovery a comfortable journey. The skill and experience they bring to the table ensure minimum pain and discomfort to the elderly patient, which helps in ‘normalizing’ a seemingly stressful health situation. We very well understand how emotionally taxing it can be for an elder to deal with the loss of mobility or bodily functions. Which is why our nursing care team will handhold him/her to recovery using their medical expertise and continued patience.

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We’re not a helping hand. We are the expert hand!

It can be quite overwhelming for the family of an elderly patient to deal with the special needs of their ailing loved one. Having a proficient, qualified nurse at home, can ease your worries and provide the much-needed medical attention and care to the elder. Once you book our nursing care services for special procedures or routine round-the-clock support, our team of caregivers assesses the medical requirements of the patient.

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A comforted patient heals faster!

During old age, the road to recovery is slow. So, it is important to keep the elder patients’ spirits high and in a positive environment. By availing home care nursing services (instead of hospital care), elder feels comforted on being surrounded by the warmth of his/her family. This works as a catalyst for a faster healing process. With our nurses’ compassionate yet professional assistance elders are assured of best of medical care in the kindest way possible.

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What is Home Health Care?

It is natural for elders to feel most comforted in the secure and loving environment of their homes (near their families). So, the idea of getting admitted to a healthcare facility or a hospital for treatment is not a happy thought for them. This is where our Home Health Care services come into the picture. We offer comprehensive healthcare at home by qualified professionals having expertise in handling elderly patients, those requiring monitored care for recuperation. Our home healthcare staff is equipped to handle any kind of elderly treatment, from serious ailments to post-operative situations to mobility/functionality challenged cases. They constantly monitor the medical condition / symptoms to provide nursing care that is in sync with patient’s short-term and long-term health goals.

We offer expert medical services like on-call doctor consultation, nursing care, palliative care, physiotherapy, medical tests etc, right at the comfort of your home.

What are the nursing care services we provide?

Our nursing staff is well trained and experienced in handling all medical conditions. Key ones are listed below:

  • Post-operative care
  • Palliative care
  • Diet monitoring
  • Medication management
  • Symptom control (e.g. pain management)
  • Assisted discharge
  • Wound management
  • Counselling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Ambulation
  • DVT prophylaxis
  • Intravenous therapy
What types of nursing services you provide?

We provide shift based nursing services.

What are the advantages of choosing our Nursing Care services?

Some of the clear advantages are listed below:

      1.Access to highly qualified and experienced nursing staff.
      2.On-call assistance for nursing staff availability for immediate or scheduled requirements.
      3.Convenient – Select a 3/6/12/24-hour homecare-shift support.
      4.Treatment is supervised by a senior nurse and guided by a doctor (if needed).
      5.Affordable charges.
      6.Secure – Verified professionals.
Are Sirina nurses qualified?

All our nurses are BSC/GNM qualified, with good hospital experience.

What will be the age group of nurses assigned to duty?

All our nurses are between the ages of 21 to 28 years.

Do you have both male & female nurses?

Yes, our nursing staff comprises of both genders.

Which all languages can the nurses speak?

All our nurses can converse in Tamil and English fluently.

How will I recognize your nursing staff?

Our nursing staff will carry identity cards and wear uniforms provided by Sirina.

Will they carry their own food or we have to provide for them?

Sirina Healthcare will provide food for the nursing staff.

Will the same nurse come for duty every time?

Usually, same nurses are assigned to a patient. In cases of nurses’ week-offs or other unforeseen situations, we arrange for alternative nurses.

What is the shift timings?

We provide nurses between 8 am to 8 pm. Earlier than 8 am or later than 8 pm staff scheduling won’t be possible.

Can I book a single nurse for 24 hours?

Yes. We have this facility as well. However, in such cases, food and accommodation must be arranged by patients’ family.

Can you provide nursing assistance for less than 12 hours (like 6 / 8 hrs)?

Yes. We do provide 6-hours nursing staff shifts as well.

Do you have one hour visit also?

Yes. We do provide one-hour nurse visits.

What are the charges for nursing services?
Is there any difference in charges for day & night?

No. Charges are same for both the shifts.

Is there any monthly package?

Yes, we do have monthly packages. To know more about our Nursing Care facilities and packages, please leave your details in the contact form for a quick revert.

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Home Health CareAssisted Living CareAmbulance Service

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