Give Them A Healthier, Happier & Dignified Aging-Support.

Enabling ‘Normal’ For A Palliative Care Patient.

Being independent and self-reliant is vital to elderly patients as that gives them a sense of normalcy. While going about their day-to-day activities, they want to feel minimum discomfort and pain. They also look forward to their family-time, to feel comforted and loved, especially, considering the heavy emotional stress that dealing with illness puts on them. This is where a comprehensive highly-monitored palliative healthcare comes into the picture. It provides the crucial roadmap with an optimum 'Family vs Rest' ratio, enabling a balanced time for both recuperation and comfort.

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We Walk With You - All The Way

Day-in and day-out we tirelessly strive to ensure maximum comfort to the palliative patient, constantly monitoring their symptoms, pain and anxieties. As caregivers, we go out of our way to ensure a peaceful, positive environment to our patients helping them live a ‘quality’ life. We hand-hold patients and families through the arduous journey.

So, when we say, “We Understand”, we really do.

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We Ensure Comfort – At Every Level.

Patients availing our services have access to the best of healthcare professionals, infrastructure and ambience, in Chennai. For every patient, there is a full-fledged team of experts and caregivers, put in place for handling different aspects of healthcare. This ensures a steady flow of constructive discussions, within the team and with family, for improvement and management of patient’s conditions. Enough space is given to the families to spend quality time with their ailing elder and engage in memorable experiences.

We leave no stone unturned to make the lives of our patients (and families) stress-free, positive and comfortable - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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What is Assisted Living Services?

Assisted Living Services is for elders who wish to live fuller lives, around their peers while receiving superlative medical assistance and health monitoring throughout the day (and/or night). Infact, most elders require minimal medical supervision and have enrolled with us just for the active lifestyle we enable in our facility. Here, they would get to be around their peers and participate in various group activities, that would keep them engaged and cheerful.

Many times, family members who are working or are living abroad are unable to take care of their ailing elder as much as they would like. Our assisted living Services facility is a safe, flexible and practical option for families dealing with an ailing parent, especially the terminally-ill ones.

We offer expert palliative care at our fully-equipped facility in Chennai, in a secure environment that would make your loved one feel ‘at home’. Click here to learn more about our assisted living Services services or leave your details in the contact form for a quick revert.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care is referred to the care provided for patients suffering from life-limiting diseases. It is also known as ‘end-of-life’ healthcare. A major part of Palliative Care services deal with symptom management (e.g. managing pain, discomfort, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, breathing etc.). Efforts are made to provide the best comfort and enhanced quality-of-living to patients that would help them live as actively as possible.

What is the process for enrolling into the Palliative Care program?

Our administration and physician meets with the patient and his/her family. Post a detailed evaluation and discussion, a customized treatment plan in charted out that would be in sync with the healthcare goals and challenges of the patient. The process of enrolment and rules are explained during the meeting at length. If you are interested in knowing more about the program or availing the services for your family member, please fill in the form above or call us for an appointment.

What are the advantages of Palliative Care?

Some of the clear advantages are listed below:

  • Professional staff
  • 24x7 assistance
  • Hassle-free enrolment process
  • On-call doctors and physiotherapists.
  • Options of homecare vs assisted living facility
  • Ready availability of medical equipment and medicines
  • Online payment options
  • Access to Lab tests facility
  • Ambulance services
  • Security and safety of elderly patients
What are the charges for Palliative Care program?

Since our Palliative Care services are customised for each patient, our charges can be stated only after a detailed evaluation of the patient’s medical records and a review of his/her future treatment requirements. If you are interested in knowing more about the program or availing the services for your family member, please fill in the form above or call us for an appointment.