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Home Visit Doctors in Chennai


We understand that waiting in hospitals for a doctor consultation can take an emotional toll on elderly patients and their families. So, our ‘doctor-on-call’ visits offer a hassle-free, relieving experience, which is readily available at your fingertips. The term ‘Elder Care’ takes on a new meaning with us as our doctors know just how to treat senior patients with phenomenal expertise, infused with utmost compassion and sensitivity. Our regular pre-scheduled doctor consultation at home ensure that your elder’s day-to-day healthcare monitoring needs are met effectively.

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When you can trust your visiting Doctor and he/she becomes a part of your everyday life, treatment-talks seem more like a conversation within the family rather than an intimidating discussion. Doctor Home Visits are a part of our geriatric healthcare package. Visit schedules are customized for each patient on bi-weekly, weekly, monthly basis, depending on their healthcare requirements. Besides this, our doctors are always available on-call for a visit, to ease any pain, discomfort or worry you might have.

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When a doctor becomes a part of your family, treatment becomes so much less distressing. Besides addressing patients’ health issues, our doctors also talk to their families to ease their minds off any worries and concerns. Doctor home visits for elderly people are always complicated, that require a lot of patience, compassion, and expertise. Our specialist doctors have years of experience in dealing with such cases and are equipped to handle any scenario - a welcome assurance for any family going through it, especially for the first time.

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What is Home Health Care?

It is natural for elders to feel most comforted in the secure and loving environment of their homes (near their families). So, the idea of getting admitted to a healthcare facility or a hospital for treatment is not a happy thought for them. This is where our Home Health Care services come into the picture. We offer comprehensive healthcare at home by qualified professionals having expertise in handling elderly patients, those requiring monitored care for recuperation. Our home healthcare staff is equipped to handle any kind of elderly treatment, from serious ailments to post-operative situations to mobility/functionality challenged cases. They constantly monitor the medical condition / symptoms to provide nursing care that is in sync with patient’s short-term and long-term health goals.

We offer expert medical services like on-call doctor consultation, nursing care, palliative care, physiotherapy, medical tests etc, right at the comfort of your home.

Are doctor visits part of Homecare Patient Programme?

Yes. Our care programme comprises of holistic treatment schedule that involves routine doctor visits, ensuring a maximum check on the patient’s health condition. Our doctors are highly specialists in geriatric healthcare, who are also available for any emergency situations, anytime.

What specializations are covered in Home Doctor Visits?

Our expert doctors are available on-call, for any ailment and distress faced by our elderly patients. From Neuro Care to General Care, to Ortho Care, our Home Healthcare packages cover the whole spectrum of medical specializations. While charting out a treatment plan, our healthcare team (after a detailed assessment and discussion with the family) considers any probable medical services that the patient might need to recuperate. To schedule a Doctor appointment, you just have to call our toll-free number.

What are the Doctor's Home Visit timings?

Our doctors are available for visits between 8 am to 8 pm. To schedule an appointment please call us on 9025 88 77 77.

How much do you charge for a doctor's home visit?

Our doctor consultation charges are Rs. 1,500/- per visit.

Will the doctor home visit in case of an emergency?

No. Doctor visits must be scheduled at least 3 hours in advance.

Will they consult with our family doctor?


Please reach out to our representatives at the office or call 9025 88 77 77 for any assistance regarding doctor’s home visits.

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Home Health CareAssisted Living CareAmbulance Service

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Doctor's VisitPhysiotherapyNursing CareLabPharmacy

Doctor's VisitPhysiotherapyNursing CareLabPharmacy