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Anyone who has taken care of a loved one for however small a time knows that it isn’t easy. Caregiving takes time and patience. And when the caregiving is for an indefinite time period, it can take a toll on the caregiver. If the caregiver has a job or other responsibilities, it can get more difficult as they have to juggle their duties. That is why it is a good idea to either share the caregiving with aprofessional caregiver or hand the responsibility entirely to them.

Advantages of having a professional caregiver at home

A comfortable environment

A good caregiver will make the patient feel comfortable. They will ensure that the patient doesn’t feel like a burden which very often patients do when they are being looked after by a family member. With a professional caregiver, they won’t think twice about asking for help when they need it. It is important to get acaregiver that your elder is at ease with. You should choose a home health care service provider who is flexible and is willing to change the caregiver if the patient is ill at ease with them.

Customized personal care

Professional caregivers provide personalized care for the patient. Unlike family members, they have been trained in caregiving, from grooming, to feeding, bathing and looking after all the personal needs of the senior while respecting their space and privacy. They know how to make the senior feel comfortable while looking after their needs.

Speedy recovery

When someone is ill or is recovering from an illness or surgery, there is always a chance of a relapse or rehospitalization. This happens becausefamily members are unaware of, or are unable to give the complete hygienic and medical care that is needed. Consequently, the patient may fall sick again. The patient needs to be monitored with a professional eye to ensure that they recover swiftly. Professional caregivers are experienced nurses and will have the skill to manage daily activities, physical therapy, diet management, nutrition management, etc, and get the patient back on their feet quickly.


It may not seem like a major problem but seniors need company. Family members, however much they love their seniors will not have the time to provide constant companionship. It has been shown that the more interaction a senior has, the more alert and healthy they are. A caregiving companion will patiently listen to your seniors’ stories and complaints with patience.


Seniors guard their independence fiercely.It is very frustrating and humiliating for them when their movements get slow and clumsy and they aren’t able to manage by themselves. A caregiver will help seniors do their daily tasks on their own even if the task takes longer. This makes the senior feel good and builds up their self-confidence.

At Sirina Home Health Care Services, we know that a caregiver has to be a caregiver, nurse and companion too. Compassion and patience are as important as medical skills to us and that is what we provide. Visit to get home health care provider that you can count on.

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