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In days past, the older generation was revered and their advice solicited. Nowadays, youngsters view senior citizens as out of date with technology and current trends. They couldn’t be more mistaken. The seniors have far more experience and information than any of these youngsters.

True, business models have changed a lot these days and start-ups are the norm. They are filled with young, energetic men and women in their 20s and 30s who are brimming with new ideas.

But, why is it that start-ups, all too often, die a quick death? This is because the people at the helm have had little or no experience. If a start-up hires mature, experienced workers as part of their work force, they can help in guiding the younger minds and advise them on the best strategies. It is a win-win situation.

Here are some very good reasons for hiring senior citizens in start-ups

Senior citizens are emotionally stable and resilient

Older workers have good leadership qualities and make excellent mentors. They can keep a check on the passion and fire of the younger people on the team who are energetic, but may make wrong decisions. The older hand can temper the younger one.

Large network

Senior citizens, usually, have built up a large and influential network of friends and acquaintances which can be very helpful for a start-up.

Unwavering loyalty

Unlike youngsters who are constantly jumping from one job to another to get a better pay or a promotion, mature workers are more loyal.

Strong work ethic

Senior citizens carry over the work ethics from the olden days where there was a time to get to office, a schedule to adhere to, goals to be met, and work finished when it was meant to be. They keep their promises and are uncompromising on quality.

Desire to contribute and be productive

Many senior citizens are bored after retirement. They have spent their entire life being busy and now being idle at home is not easy for them. They are eager to contribute to society and continue being productive.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for start-ups to employ senior citizens as they will be hiring someone who is loyal, reliable, experienced, punctual and productive and who will be an asset to the company.

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