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Parents enjoy spending more time with their children and grandchildren as they grow older. When they were younger, they had work and other responsibilities that kept them busy. For many Indians with children living abroad, a yearly visit to be with their children has become a pattern.

In the beginning, when the grandchildren were small, the grandparents had plenty to do as an extra pair of hands around the house was helpful to their children. But once thegrandchildren are grown up, there is less and less for a senior to do around the house. It can get very boring and lonely for seniors whose children work and grandchildren go to school to spend the day alone in the house.

Here are someways to keep yourself occupied when visiting your children abroad.

Social activities

There are senior clubs in most cities and they have a variety of entertainment programs, classes and hobbies for seniors. In some cities, you may even find Indian senior clubs or community centers. All you have to do is look for them. You will be able to meetlike-minded seniors and have a good clutch of friends in no time at all.

Spiritual activities

Most big cities abroad have temples. The temples are well run and offer helpful services for seniors like regular pick up and drop for weekly visits to the temple. They also have interesting activities like Geetha andBhajan classes. It can be a calm and peaceful way to spend some time.


There aredifferent types of tour packages to and from most cities. Seniors who are up to it and like travelling could take a day tour to take in the sights of the city. They could even take overnight tips to nearby sightseeing places. These trips arewell planned and are senior friendly.


Wherever you are in the world there are always volunteering opportunities. You can call the local volunteer service and find out what kind of places need help. You can find one that you would like to help out at and spend your free time giving back to society.

Take a class

There is no dearth of classes that one can join, when abroad. Discover your passion and find out where you can fulfill it. You can meet people who share the same passion and it is a great way to pass the day.

Join the local library or book club

Not only is it a great way to spend the day but many of the libraries have reading clubs which you can join.

Be a mentor

You can use your time to pass on the skills you possess. Many senior citizens are skilled in craft, music, art etc and the classes will not only help you pass the time but will benefit others.

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