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As people get older, they feel lonely and excluded as their kids and grandkids get involved in their own families and lives. It is important to make them feel loved by celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries and special days like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Or you can make their day, by surprising them with a gift for no reason at all. Here are some great tips on some gifts elders would enjoy.

The gift of remembrance

Seniors getting on in life love talking about olden days and what they did when they were younger. Making a memory album of their life is a lovely gift. You can get them done in any good photo shop. Many places even touch up old or damaged photographs. You can make it into an album, a wall collage, or even an electric calendar. The Konica photo studios in Chennai do a great job and offer a lot of options. Some websites where you can get it done are and

Useful gadgets

There are very useful gifts that could really help your seniors but may be expensive or difficult for them to get. For example, a diabetes monitor or a blood pressure cuff, or a fitbit, maybe even a state of the art hearing aid. All of these help them monitor levels without having to go to the trouble of constant hospital visits. You can get these at most hospitals and most of the pharmacies. You can look for them online on

Help them sleep better

Elders suffer from aches and pains and very often it is difficult for them to get a good night’s sleep. These days, you have comfortable mattresses and pillows for all kinds of needs. Some people need a hard, firm mattress while others may prefer a memory foam mattress. Some of the best brands are Peps, Sleepwell, Tempur, Kurlon etc. All the major brands will be found in most mattress showrooms on Royapettah Main Road. You can check out mattresses online at

Small gifts to make their life easier

Seniors have difficulty in remembering things and very often lose their keys. A key finder is a great gift and a useful one that they will be grateful for. You can pick up one at

Gifting eternity

You’ve bought your folks, perfumes, jewellery, sent them on trips and have completely run out of new ideas on what to get for them on their special day. Here is an idea that is wondrous and will make them feel so special and loved. Name a star after them and gift them eternity. You can do it online at

Show your elders that you love and respect them this New Year!

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