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People who have been working all their lives and are used to a hectic lifestyle get worried as retirement looms around the corner. You shouldn’t fear retirement but welcome it with open arms. It is time to hang up your shoes and enjoy life.

Here are some great must-dos forretired people


One of top things that should be on a retirement things-to-do list is travel. When you were younger, you would have been too busy to take more than a week off now and then for a quick break. Take the time now to travel to all those beautiful places that you have looked at and wistfully thought about, but never been able to go to.

Find your talent

Many people have a talent that lies dormant during those busy, hard-working years, when everyday melds into the next, as you juggle work and home. Now, would be the perfect time to indulge in those activities that you have always wanted to pursue but haven’t been able to, like writing a book, painting, sculpting, dancing, etc.

Renew friendships

As you move from place to place while pursuing your career, you would have made many friends. Retirement is the perfect time to look up all those great people that you befriended over the years.

Spend time with family

People always enjoy their grandchildren much more than they enjoyed their children. When your children were born, you would have been busy with a career and everyday life. Now that you are retired, spend time with your grandchildren and find common interests that you could both enjoy, like games, music, books, etc.

It’s time to give back

A lovely way to spend your retirement years is in helping others. It is a very uplifting experience and can make you feel useful, needed and productive. Some people do it in a big way and volunteer at charities. You can also do it in a small way by helping people in your life.

There are many things that you can enjoy after retirement because you finally have the time to do what you have always wanted to, but never had the time.

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