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With Sirina’s Accelerated Recovery Program

Plan your recovery roadmap with our Stepdown Hospital Care

The few days or even weeks after hospitalization are critical for an Elderly patient. Due to the age factor, the road to recovery is challenging and requires a team of experts, like ours, to tackle every-day medical and emotional situations efficiently. Our stepdown hospital care services in Chennai takes care of everything - from hospital transfer in an ambulance, medical supervision, personal care, medication management, symptom management, diet planning, doctor visits, therapy sessions, equipment requirements to subsequent medical tests. All efforts are made by our team to provide the best healthcare that serves as a catalyst to our patient’s recovery. We strive to enhance quality-of-life of patients so that they can start living their lives independently and fully (as much as possible).

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Our Aim: You, at Home.

We constantly endeavour to keep our ‘stepdown’ patients on the track of recovery and health. Detailed reports are maintained and discussed with the family members regularly, to derive at changes required to optimize on the healthcare plan of the elderly patient. We focus not just on physical health, but also on emotional and mental wellbeing so that when the patient goes home, he goes with a positive frame of mind.

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We are experienced, experts and prepared!

Post-operative patients require critical healthcare 24x7. Our multi-disciplinary team is completely vested into providing high-level assistance, supervision and care to these ‘stepdown’ patients. We are known for our patience in dealing with the elderly, efficiently (yet gently) coxing them into recovery and health.

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What is Assisted Living Care?

Assisted Living Care is for elders who wish to live fuller lives, around their peers while receiving superlative medical assistance and health monitoring throughout the day (and/or night). Infact, most elders require minimal medical supervision and have enrolled with us just for the active lifestyle we enable in our facility. Here, they would get to be around their peers and participate in various group activities, that would keep them engaged and cheerful.
Many times, family members who are working or are living abroad are unable to take care of their ailing elder as much as they would like. Our assisted living care facility in Chennai is a safe, flexible and practical option for families dealing with an ailing parent, especially the terminally-ill ones.

We offer full-time, week-day, week-end medical assistance services in a secure environment that would make your loved one feel ‘at home’. Click here to learn more about our assisted living care services or leave your details in the contact form for a quick revert.

What is Stepdown Health Care?

Stepdown Hospital Care is for elderly patients who require critical medical supervision and nursing care immediately after a surgery or an ICU procedure. Families are not equipped to handle such patients at home and general ward hospitalization (for long durations) is very expensive. So, instead, families can opt for our expert Stepdown Hospital Care program. We assist with efficient health monitoring, nursing care and personal care that effects in speedy recovery of the elderly patient. We offer stepdown care for elderly, both at your residence or at our intensive care nursing home facility.

What is the process for enrolling into the Stepdown Hospital Care program?

Our administration and physician meets with the patient and his/her family. Post a detailed evaluation and discussion, a customized care plan in charted out that would be in sync with the healthcare challenges and recovery goals of the patient. The process of enrolment is explained during the meeting at length. If you are interested in knowing more about the program or availing the services for your family member, please fill in the form above or call us to discuss. You can also choose to visit our intensive care nursing home facility anytime between 9 am to 7 pm.

What are the advantages of opting for Stepdown Hospital care?

Some of the clear advantages are listed below:

      Highly experienced, professional staff.
      24x7 medical supervision.
      Medicine management
      Controlled nutritive diet.
      Prompt ambulance service for hospital-facility-home transfers.
      On-call doctors and physiotherapists.
      The ready availability of medical equipment and medicines.
      Access to Lab tests facility.
      Security and safety of elderly patients.
      Options of availing step-down beds in our facility or stepdown care at home
      Hassle-free enrolment process.
      Online payment options.
What are the charges for Stepdown Hospital program?

Since our Stepdown Hospital program is customised for each patient, our charges can be stated only after a detailed evaluation of the patient’s medical records and a review of his/her treatment requirements. Charges also depend on the selection of a location for the continuity of patient care for your Elderly - intermediate care at home or our intensive care nursing home facility. If you are interested in knowing more about the program or availing the services for your family member, please fill in the form above or call us for an appointment.

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